Fragment najnowszej powieści Samanthy Young "As Dust Dances"

7. sierpnia swoją premierę miała najnowsza powieść królowej romansów, Samanthy Young. Jej zapowiedź pojawiła się na blogu w maju, natomiast dzisiaj mam okazję podzielić się z Wami fragmentem książki! ♥ Sam fragment oczywiście nie oddaje tego jaka ta powieść jest ciepła i jakie ciężkie tematy porusza. Poniższy fragment daję Wam do "rozruszania" się :). Gdyby spodobał Wam się na tyle, że zechcecie mieć książkę na swojej półce to na samym dole wpisu znajdziecie linki prowadzące do miejsc, gdzie można kupić "As Dust Dances" online.
Miłego czytania!
PS. Recenzja pojawi się najprawdopodobniej jutro, więc miejcie oczy szeroko otwarte ♥.
“I’m going to get a drink.” I grabbed my purse and was moving to slide out of the booth when Killian got up first.
“I’ll get it. What would you like?”
“Uh …” I looked past him to the bar, hoping to see a list of beers. “What do they have? What are you drinking?”
“King Tut’s Lager. It’s brewed in Glasgow.”
Ooh. “Well, I have to have that, then. Half a pint though.” I made a gesture with my finger and thumb. “I’m only little.”
Killian’s eyes flickered down what he could see of my body and I thought I saw a flush high on his cheeks. But the lighting was low so I couldn’t be certain. He cleared his throat and turned away with a muttered, “Right.”
My cheeks felt hot and I put a hand to one as I watched him walk over to the bar. The place wasn’t too packed, but it was possible everyone was already in the venue waiting for the band. I could hear the soft thrum of music and guessed it must’ve been the opening act. Although eager to get up there, I really needed a drink before I had to stand next to Killian in a darkened room.
God, he had an ass on him.
He wasn’t wearing his usual uniform of black suit trousers and shirt that fit him like a glove and showcased his lean, strong physique. He was wearing dark jeans that cupped his muscular ass and a red plaid shirt over a Kaleo T-shirt. He looked good in red. He usually wore darker colors but the red made his hair look blacker, his skin more golden. Dressed like that—indie, relaxed—he looked younger.
I felt more than a tingle of heat between my legs as I studied him standing at the bar. His rugged, sharp profile was somehow more familiar to me than any other person’s profile on the planet. I imagined walking up beside him, sliding my hands down his fine ass and reaching up on my tiptoes to press a kiss to his neck. Breathe in the scent of soap, spicy aftershave, and Killian. Run my tongue along the rim of his ear. Feel his heavy, warm heat lean back into me, the rumble of his groan vibrating through me—
Oh, fuck.
I shook off the thought, knowing my cheeks were probably rosy red. My whole body was left needy and wanting. I crossed my legs under the table and looked anywhere but at Killian, hoping my peaked nipples weren’t visible through my bra and way-too clingy dress.
My gaze landed on a booth a few down from ours because there was a group of young women laughing and shooting hungry looks at the bar.
At Killian.
A roar of possessiveness I didn’t know I was capable of shot through me as I watched them. In fact, I think they were eyeing him and the bartender.
To be fair, they were both very juicy eye candy.
But Killian was my eye candy!
I slumped back in my seat.
No, he wasn’t.
And I shouldn’t want him to be.
What a clusterfuck.

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  1. Wiele dobrego słyszałam o książkach autorki i chciałabym niedługo poznać jej twórczość. :)

    1. Dobry pomysł :) Na polskim rynku zostały wydane praktycznie wszystkie jej romanse, więc jest w czy przebierać. Jeśli wolisz fantastykę to wydała również kilka powieści z gatunku paranormal romance. Nie miałam jeszcze z nimi styczności, ale zakładam, że skoro to Samantha Young to są równie dobre co jej powieści obyczajowe :).

  2. Odpowiedzi
    1. I jest hit! Ta powieść to nie lada gratka dla fanów muzyki :).


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